Hitting Home (LP)

by Vanity

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released April 2, 2010

Recorded and Mixed at Bergerk! Studios by Al Smith
Mastered by Crystal Mastering
Photography by Sally Sumner & Artwork/Design by Scott Mellor



all rights reserved


Vanity Perth, Australia

4 friends who jam thier own style of hardcore punk rock in a band from Perth, Western Australia since late 2008.

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Track Name: Hitting Home
For once in a blue moon I’m beating through the bush,
Forces me to think there’s no point to push,
Because I see the reasons that give you purpose,
Next big thing comes along and you’ll desert us,

So I’ll break away from a life you pretend,
I’ll break away from your dying trend,
I’ll break away from the false message you send,
I’ll break away from the inevitable end,

And I’ll break away from your masquerade,
Your dedication won’t make it past today,
Speaking as though this routine’s forte,
Fuck the unrealistic image you always portray,

Think you’ve grasped this in one single swoop,
Fuck your trendy, little fashion group.
Track Name: Hath No Fury
Never followed in a path that leads,
Gone and eaten the hand that feeds,
It’s all fuel for your empty impressions,
Poison’s just left from your glorious presence,

How quickly the tables turn,
When its you who’s getting burnt,
It’s going to be over when everyone’s hurt,
Those are the lessons you will never learn,

Never cared about this so you’ll leave when it’s done,
One thing I have to say I’m only gonna to say this once,
You’re. So. Vain. You. Should. Quit.
Lead Me. Onto. Something. And I’ll. Lead You. Off A. Cliff.
You’re so fucking vain, you should fucking quit,
Lead me onto something and I’ll lead you off a cliff,

Fucking just quit.
Track Name: Heavy Eyes, No Lullabies
The mere thought is truly grave,
So many hours simply gone to waste,
Agitation at the peak of its cycle,
Drawn from my slumber is this ever-doomed recital,

But tonight there’s something different I can feel in air,
Pondering if it’s your love, the love that was never there,
Fixating my thoughts on the incessant twilight,
Just to remind myself why I never keep my hopes high,

Why should I even try to make the endeavour?
When I can truly say I’ve never felt this lonely ever.

Slowly beginning to think that all this perpetual gloom,
Was never going to depart, was never going to conclude.

But after the setting of many suns,
I’m never going to change for you or anyone,
Anyone. Everyone.
Track Name: Allured
It’s the same old story just a different scene,
Chasing fools gold in the hopes to redeem,
But there are always urges when attraction echoes,
Betraying our essences just for something to let go,

It’s the same old story just a different fucking stage,
Existence wasn’t meant to be simply replayed,

Recall that first instance that piss in the wind,
It was like the flame to blaze all my lights dimmed,
But I forfeited the price for what I had wished,
Soon those same lights I found slowly diminished,

Not one excuse said you made a verdict to choose,
Not my fucking problem that you live with no values,
It’s the same old story just a different fucking day,
I followed you until my whole heart went away.
Track Name: New Exiles
The days just seem to lapse by and by,
Hiding the world from my sad eyes,
We’re all just ants living lives of denial,
Hold onto hope when it’s not worthwhile,

Farewell, Life left empty,
Farewell, Where I left me,

The nights just faded into dark oblivion,
Wasted so many times instead of living them,
Grew up too innocent for a cold world bound,
There is no love alive in this entire town,

Merely impossible to ignore lust’s glow,
When I exiled my dreams a long time ago,
So many compressing glares are burning straight to bone,
Carrying on with feelings I know I’m going to die alone.
Track Name: Traits
So soon, so soon I can’t believe its come to this,
False impressions last forever instead of justice,
Brothers aren’t brothers when brothers get sold,
Knew this life was that bitter but never this cold,
All I do is watch as my life slide under the floor,
While others finally find what they’re looking for,

Happiness is finally here but I just can’t grasp it,
I’ve just lost my place in the race because of a bastard,

I’ve gone through that much pain to pay my fucking dues,
Pitiful excuse for an existence its time you do it too,
And I swear, if it’s the last thing I ever act out,
With my heart on my sleeve I will never back down,

You say that you live a life of utter abstinence,
The fact of the matter is you’re total decadence,
Meaningful sentences are just a way of bluffing,
Fucking illusionist you deserve nothing…
Track Name: Old Grudges
I hate the way things have panned out,
Hope is slowing dying and I can’t stand the doubt,
Tried to stay optimistic for most of the time,
Caught between love and hate and I can’t define a line,

Haven’t seen your face for all these years,
Never noticed any difference you were never here,.
After that eve life would never be the same,
I know the pain you feel but your family’s not to blame,

Just come home.

Just because life set out its own rules for you to play,
I can’t even stand the thought that I share the same name.

Share the same name.