Thanks & Regrets (EP)

by Vanity

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released October 11, 2015

Recorded by Josh Gallagher at Fleet Studios September 2015
Mixed by Al Smith at Bergerk! Studios September 2015
Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering October 2015
Design & Layout by Layton Webber



all rights reserved


Vanity Perth, Australia

4 friends who jam thier own style of hardcore punk rock in a band from Perth, Western Australia since late 2008.

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Track Name: Usurp
Do you think you can be truly sublime,
Living with knives protruding from your spine,
With those traitors' symbols treachery's reprised,
Possess the guts to stab them in their eyes,

Usurp. Deceive. To hurt is to. Achieve.

These days you have to slit throats to stay alive,
There's no strong anymore the ruthless survive,

For power. For glory.
Write your own story.
Bring yourself to escape.
Step on those who. stand. in your way.

Where'd you draw the lines?
When does it cease?
What's justified?
How will you sleep?

Don't receive the same fate you've afflicted onto others,
From here whatever happens it's them that'll suffer,
Drain them dry like a life-stealing bloodsucker,
Go to extreme lengths to destroy those fuckers,

Sell your soul for its goal,
Let them all know who's in control,
Strive for perfection no matter the toll,
Disregard them and conquer all.
Track Name: Time Heals, Time Steals
Your words made me safe 'cause I was in denial,
I'll bite the bullet before I bite the missile,

I see now what we had was imaginary,
Can't grasp what led us both to tread so wary,

Time heals and time steals
Save you from you.
Time heals and time steals,
Save me from me.

That torch you carried is out I am certain,
Was it because you saw me serve another purpose?
I tried my best for you yet somehow I deserved this,
Why do I always picture you so damn perfect?

Tell me why I wasn't "your" ideal,
Tell me why you didn't think it was real,
Tell me why you don't know how to feel,
Tell me why, tell me why,

Tell me why you'd still let others in,
Tell me why I'll take it on the chin,
Tell me why I should pay for your sins,
Tell me why, tell me why,

Tell me why it was unrequited,
Tell me why you didn't try it,
Tell me why you left me blinded,
Tell me why, tell me why.