Vanity (Demo)

by Vanity

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released May 31, 2009

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Bergerk! Studios by Al Smith

Artwork originally by Charles Allan Gilbert ('All Is Vanity' 1892)
Design by Shaun Griffiths



all rights reserved


Vanity Perth, Australia

4 friends who jam thier own style of hardcore punk rock in a band from Perth, Western Australia since late 2008.

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Track Name: Cesspool
She said why do you do such things?
Very fabric of what terms exist in between,
To be what you could never dream,
Calculated as the cold killing machine,
How can she know what sits inside,
Guess actions speak louder than minds,
For all it was worth, I’m categorized,
Selfish and heartless,
The thought never crossed my mind,
She said I’m a vain circumstance,
The definition of ire dissidence,
Things that weren’t meant to be are coming true,
Self-destruction was never meant to be so fulfilling,

Just fucking watch me shine,

Guess actions speak louder than minds,
For all it was worth I was categorized,
Just fucking watch me shine.
Track Name: Implosions
Watching it all build up,
Living so innocent in a world so corrupt,
Become a part of the societal craze,
To strangers alike I’m just causing delays

If age comes with wisdom then what do I have?
A farcical pipe dream just ready to collapse?
I’m young, indestructible, unable to contemplate,
Before I break my neck from all this weight,

I’m just a part of the background,
Just another set of wandering eyes,
The truth can be the hardest thing to swallow but,
I’ve got no teeth to shield all of the lies,

How can I conflict with all my blood, sweat and tears?
When my enemy is staring me back in the mirror,
If insanity were an ocean I’d have already drowned,
Watching this whole fucking place come crashing down
Track Name: Traits Of An Illusionist
So soon, so soon I can’t believe its come to this,
False impressions last forever instead of justice,
Brothers aren’t brothers when brothers get sold,
Knew this life was that bitter but never this cold,
All I do is watch as my life slide under the floor,
While others finally find what they’re looking for,

Happiness is finally here but I just can’t grasp it,
I’ve just lost my place in the race because of a bastard,

I’ve gone through that much pain to pay my fucking dues,
Pitiful excuse for an existence its time you do it too,
And I swear, if it’s the last thing I ever act out,
With my heart on my sleeve I will never back down,

You say that you live a life of utter abstinence,
The fact of the matter is you’re total decadence,
Meaningful sentences are just a way of bluffing,
Fucking illusionist you deserve nothing…
Track Name: Searching For Solace
Take this as the statement to what I truly meant,
I can truly say what’s done leaves me full of resent,
Meeting you was like choosing the worst investment,
Still don’t understand where all my confidence and luck went,

Searching every single day for that single chance,
Nothing ever goes according to plan,
People just tell me to make the most,
But I fade out of this reality like a living ghost,

I feel as though I should mention,
In the end you still didn’t answer the most important question,
“I don’t know what I should say” isn’t the correct one neither,
Playing it naïve doesn’t mean paying the pied piper,

Back to the drawing board, back to where it began…